Friday, February 1, 2008

What a Two-Year-Old Has Taught Me About Food

My son Jack is a font of information. Just when I think I know everything there is to know about something, he brings some new twist to the subject. Take food, for example. I have learned the following by observing Jack at the dinner table:
  • Sugar snap peas are meant to be shelled, the peas thrown on the floor, and the shells discarded in various piles around one's dinner plate.
  • Food is better when served with a dip. It can be conventional, such as salad dressing served with cut-up vegetables, or esoteric, such as toast dipped into breakfast cereal. It helps if you accompany your meal by saying "Dip, dip, dip" while dipping the food.
  • Keep your mother hopping by devouring a particular food one evening, then declaring it "Nucky! Nucky! Nucky!" with a smile the next.
  • Enjoy your food more by eating with your hands. Utensils are for uptight squares.


vimmi said...

my son is the same. he eats yogurt with his hands. but i think they will learn soon enough

Deborah Dowd said...

Don't you wish you could be at that age of discovery again. And tell the truth, isn't the best thing about meatloaf putting your hands in the raw meet and squishing it around?!

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