Monday, August 31, 2009

Salami Sushi

Wow, has it been a year already? Well, I just got back from the Creative Freelancers Conference in San Diego where we all agreed that we need to set aside time for fun, "just-for-me" projects. Since cooking remains one of my great passions, I felt it was high time to start posting again. Plus, I met a graphic designer from Miami at the conference who just happened to have read this blog in the past!

Anyway, I knocked one out of the park today with Salami Sushi. For Henry's sushi (above, left) I used a piece of deli cheese and two slices of salami, and for Jack's (above, right) I used salami and a piece of bread that I'd cut the crusts from and flattened with a rolling pin. Both rolls had julienned cucumber at the center. Since Jack specifically asked for toothpicks I used them in his rolls.

As you can see in these unstaged, from-the-heart poses, Henry and Jack enjoyed their lunches. It was the Clean Plate Club for the both of them!

Henry says "yum" to salami sushi!

So does Jack!

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