Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jack's Wild Imagination

Last Sunday, Mike's Irish mom prepared a corned beef dinner for everyone. Much to everyone's surprise, Jack was woofing it down like there was no tomorrow! So, since tonight was Leftover Night, I figured that Corned Beef Part Deux would be nuthin' but net. But once again, I learned that I should never assume...

Jack: What's for dinner?
Me: Dad, Henry, and I are having mac and cheese, which you didn't like. But you get to have the corned beef!
Jack: I don't like corned beef.
Me: What are you talking about? On Sunday you were woofing it down like there's no tomorrow.
Jack: My imagination told me to like it. But I punched my imagination and now it went away and now I don't like it.
Me: You control your imagination. Why don't you imagine that you like corned beef?
Jack: No.

Unfortunately for him, my imagination told me to serve him the corned beef anyway. He managed to eat it all, with the help of the King's Condiment, ketchup.

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mquill said...

That was sooooo much fun to read! I could visualize it so clearly - jack is such a character. What was Henry saying/doing at the time?