Saturday, September 12, 2009

EVERYTHING is Better in Color

The other night I had to attend a networking meeting for my business, so I left the preparation of the kids' dinner in the hands of my husband, Mike. I'd set him up with what I'd hoped was a home run: chicken breasts, rice pilaf, and kids' choice veg. Well, Mike took these ingredients and ran with them in a totally novel direction. And the kids ate every bite.

You see, Mike subscribes to the school of camouflage. If the food is basically good, he elevates it to a new level to the kids by dumping a crapload of food coloring into it, thereby forestalling any complaints about the food itself. He's done it in the past with oatmeal and yogurt with great results. Sometimes the kids even get to choose the colors!

You've never eaten grilled chicken, rice pilaf, and corn until it's in Technicolor. Witness the following:

He's smilin', ain't he?

This'll get the chicks!

We prefer the McCormick Neon colors for more vivid results. And here's a bonus use for food coloring: they can be used to color the bathwater, and they don't even stain the tub!

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