Thursday, September 24, 2009

EVERYTHING'S Better on a Stick. And With Pizza.

Usually when I cook something that's a total flop with the kids, I'll create a "make-up" dinner the next night. So the day after I made a fabulous Indian dinner from scratch for my husband and me that left the kids gagging, I made Pizza Bites and veggies on a stick. Humungous hit!

The Pizza Bites recipe came from one of Henry's cookbooks, so it was easy to make and really, really tasty. You just use premade pie crusts for the pizza dough and fill it with a mixture of pizza sauce, grated cheese, and either meat or veggies. You can make them as wholesome or as bad-for-you as you like! We went halfsies: meat (the half-moon shaped ones) and broccoli (the rectangular ones). Guess which Pizza Bites were more popular.

Veggies on a stick is my way of serving salad without lettuce. Sure, I could have put the chopped veggies in a dish, but where's the fun in that? Just make shish-kabobs out of them and serve with salad dressing on the side. Boom, you're done.

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